Welcome to Miyama USA

Miyama USA, Inc. is a manufacturing business focusing on precision stamped products, sub assemblies, robotic welding, and machining for the automotive and appliance industries. Our value added operations include complete sub assemblies to Automotive and Appliance industries on a JIT and 100% on-time delivery basis.


Miyama U.S.A. Inc. is registered to ISO9001:2015 with Verisys Registrars.

We utilize these initiatives through QT9 Management, Kobetsu Kaizen, 5 Way Analysis, 8D Problem Solving, TPM, and Statistical Process Control.

Value Added Service

Let miyama USA provide a complete package for you. 
We can stamp, machine, weld, assemble, and package it. With our partnerships we can also provide e-coat and plating services to give your product the protection it needs.

Find us!

We are located at 7081 International Drive in Louisville, KY.